As Haniotis said, we both have these fears; we have fear of failure and fear of fatigue, you know we talked a little bit about fear fatigue, but then the fear of failure is the same thing.

You get to a point to where you’re so worried about losing, you’re not worried about performing. Okay and the key is if you perform, the winning will take care of itself, but it's what you focus on.

As Haniotis said, is that when you go when you're warming up and you have all these distractions and you’re thinking about all these other things, that's where your mind goes. Through training, through hard training and learning to focus, you can focus on what you need to do.  As you focus on what you need to do, then that part of the fear of failure takes care of itself. You go to perform, you don't go to win, because if you perform, most times you will win and that's the key.

So you always go back to function and you hear it 100 times about you control what you can control, and that is your performance.  Then you leave the fear out of it. The fear will always be there. There's always a fear of stumbling and falling down. That's in anything that we do in our life, but recognizing it's there that's okay.

It’s kind of like a guy said to me once it's like a bird flying over the forest right? It just flies and that fear is always there, it's when it settles on the tree and you settle on that fear you're worried about that more than anything else. So the fear of failure is with everybody at all stages for most people. There might be a few people that never think about it, but everybody thinks about it. It’s like courage. Courage isn't the absence of fear, it’s holding fear at bay and then doing what you need to do to perform to get where you want to go.  

You can't have courage until there’s fear there.  If you go up in a plane to jump out of a plane and if you're not afraid of heights, or of jumping, there is no courage that is required to go out the door. But if you're afraid of heights then it requires courage. So it's a lot of things in life is that when you're afraid, courage is the ability to overcome that fear, to hold fear at bay. To do what you need to do to function, what you need to do to get the results you desire.

So it's okay to feel it, but you don't let it paralyze you. And then sometimes fear can be the best thing of all. The fear of failure can drive you to newer heights. One of my favorite quotes Billie Jean King said is “the reason I like to win because I hate to lose.” The fear of losing drove her to win and I think it happens with a lot of athletes. They don't want that pain. They don't want that feeling, so it drives them there with that fear and they use it and they turn it in a very positive way to drive them forward.

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