Brendon Vladic

Welcome to Part 6 of the J Robinson Intensive Camps Black Hat Award Interview Series! Our sixth interview will be with Brendon Vladic, a senior wrestler from Billings Senior High School in Billings, Montana and a Black Hat Award winner from our 2015 28-Day Minnesota Intensive Camp.


What was your favorite part of camp and why did you choose to come here?

My favorite part of the camp was the last Red Flag day, day 27. This day was exciting and was a day in which I accomplished 1 of my 50 goals.

Who is a role model that you look up to and why?

My role model is my father. He goes to the end of the world to help me get what I need to get in my life. He has done everything that I could ask and that’s why he is the biggest role model in my life.

What/who is your inspiration to wrestle and why?

Trent Sprenkle is my inspiration to wrestle, and to continue to wrestle in college. I watched him wrestle and win 3 state titles, and my goal ever since then was to win state. He then went on to wrestle at NDSU and it is awesome to watch.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at camp?

The most valuable thing that I learned at camp is mental toughness. During the camp, I had grueling workouts and I had to find a way to put the pain aside and get past the wall. This camp has shown me that I can always do 1 more.

What's the most important quality that a successful wrestler must have?

A positive mindset. A wrestler needs to be mean on the mat. He needs to inflict his will upon the other guy. The right mindset and attitude can help a wrestler go from good to great. Also, a wrestler must be coachable, and he must love wrestling and must want to learn new maxes and embrace the hardships that occur.

To improve as a person I need to…

Become a better leader, put people ahead of me in everything I do.

What was the hardest thing about camp?

The hardest part of camp was the first week, physically. The third week was the hardest mentally and emotionally.

What advice would you give to a future camper?

If I had to give advice, I would come prepared physically. Workout as much as possible, Also, come with a positive mindset and take the camp 1 day at a time, or even 1 workout at a time.

What makes wrestling different from other sports/activities you participate in?

Wrestling is both a team sport but each match is a fight between two people. There are also weight classes so even smaller people have an opportunity to succeed.

Who was your favorite coach at camp and why?

My favorite and most helpful coach would be Jordan Kingsley because he helped me with my technique. He also helped with having a good time, joking when needed.

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