Eli Yoho

Welcome to Part 3 of the J Robinson Intensive Camps Black Hat Award Interview Series! This season, between November and March, we will be hosting short Google Hangout interviews with each of our 16 Black Hat Winners from this past summer. Our winners come from states across the country, and our third interview will be with Eli Yoho, a junior wrestler from Cuyahoga Falls, OH, and a 14-Day Pennsylvania Intensive Camp Black Hat Award winner.


What was your favorite part of camp and why did you choose to come here?

Waking up and doing morning workouts. They were hard but after it was over I always felt good.

Who is a role model that you look up to and why?

J Robinson, because he is so knowledgeable and smart and I learned a lot from him.

What/who is your inspiration to wrestle and why?

All my brothers wrestled but they were never as good as me and I want to make them proud in my wrestling.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at camp?

The J7

What's the most important quality that a successful wrestler must have?

Mental toughness, discipline, and dedication.

To improve as a person I need to…

Be a leader.

What was the hardest thing about camp?

Hard practice and morning workouts.

What advice would you give to a future camper?

Try to get the Black Hat by working hard and creating goals.

What makes wrestling different from other sports/activities you participate in?

It’s a warrior sport and it is only you out there without any help.

Who was your favorite coach at camp and why?

Joe Nord was my favorite because of his way of teaching and leadership.

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