Now entering our 40th anniversary year in 2017, J Robinson Wrestling Camps have trained more than 45,000 wrestlers with a teaching philosophy that focuses on developing technical skill, physical preparation, building mental toughness, and life skills. Our goal is to prepare wrestlers to win by challenging them to overcome physical fatigue and mental stress every day. The lessons we teach have an immediate and long-term impact on the athletes that translates to success on the mat, in the classroom, and in life. The work ethic and discipline instilled at our camps becomes a part of their core, creating tough, determined athletes who channel their skills towards achievement in all aspects of life. 

In 2017, 123 former JROB campers became State Champions and 426 more placed at state. Countless more achieved their goals of qualifying for the state tournament, advancing to regionals, or simply improving on their record from the year before.

We offer 3 different camp options: IntensiveTechnique, and Competition. To determine which camp best fits the needs of your wrestler, read more below or call us at 612-349-6585.


J Robinson Intensive Camps are known as the most challenging and life-changing wrestling camps in the country. The training and conduct expectations of our Intensive Camps are influenced by J Robinson's experience as an Army Ranger and by the protocol of Army Ranger School, which focuses on both physical and mental development. To learn more about our camp system and how J Robinson's early life led to the creation and development of our Intensive Camps, watch our feature-length documentary, J Robinson: Full Circle. The film parallels the ups and downs of J Robinson's life with the successes and struggles of two high school wrestlers—a state qualifier and a state finalist—from Pennsylvania at the 28-Day Intensive Camp. Our rigorous training model operates on the principle that intense challenges bring about significant change, so we provide a structured, accountable environment that pushes athletes to their physical and mental limits. Through 4 workouts a day that include technical skill sessions, live wrestling, drilling, running, and strength training, athletes will be taught a new meaning of hard work. They will learn how positive character traits—Discipline, Dedication, Sacrifice, Hard Work, Responsibility, Accountability, and Service—contribute to their success as an athlete and as a human being. Read more…

Watch the video below to see 5 campers from 5 decades of JROB Intensive Camps describe their experiences. The video features Attorney Steven Brody (1970s), Ohio State Head Wrestling Coach Tom Ryan (1980s), former Penn State Wrestler and Motivational Speaker Rohan Murphy (1990s), 2X NCAA National Champion Tony Nelson (2000s), and Minnesota State Champion Michael Otomo (2010s).


Featuring a high-profile slate of national and regional staff at each camp, J Robinson Technique Wrestling Camps emphasize technical skill development and strategy. Our curriculum covers everything from basic fundamentals—stance, positioning, takedowns, and escapes—to advanced technique and strategy, including set-ups, finishes, and drilling. We separate wrestlers into small groups determined by age, weight and ability, so each wrestler will receive a level of training that fits his or her skill and experience level. The philosophy of our Technique Camps also relies on teaching the disciplined, focused mindset that is the trademark of all J Robinson Camps. Combine a Technique Camp with a Competition Camp (see below) for a special "Combo Camp" price. Read more…


The J Robinson Competition Camp is the original Competition Camp, and we now offer three Competition Camps in Atlanta, GARiver Falls, WI, and Chico, California. Our singular goal is to make each wrestler into a more fierce competitor. Wrestlers will get a minimum of 8 full-length, refereed matches within a weight-based bracket, as well as two daily technique sessions and daily lessons on the 4 principles of competition: preparation, performance, evaluation, and adjustments. After each match, wrestlers receive one-on-one, post-match instruction and advice from one of our clinicians, allowing them to receive valuable feedback from some of the nation’s best teachers and college wrestlers. Combine a Competition Camp with a Technique Camp (see above) for a special "Combo Camp" price. Read more…

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