Intensive Camps


JROB Intensive Camps have been our company’s flagship since its founding in 1978. Our distinctive training model operates on the principle that intense challenges bring about life-changing growth. By focusing on physical preparation, technical skill, mental toughness, and life skills, JROB is the spark that accelerates their personal and athletic transformation. The work ethic, discipline, and mindset of achievement taught at camp become a part of their core, propelling them toward immediate and long-term success on the mat and in life. No other camp emphasizes comprehensive personal development as a key part of the curriculum, so wrestlers leave camp with the confidence that they can have a greater impact on the mat and in the world than they ever thought possible. Read more about JROB Intensive Camps...

28-Day Intensive Camp in River Falls, Wisconsin.
14-Day Intensive Camp in Edinboro, Pennsylvania.
14-Day Intensive Camp in Monmouth, Oregon.
10-Day Intensive Camp in Forest City, Iowa.

Competition Camps


Designed to simulate a multi-day, away-from-home tournament, the singular goal of JROB Competition Camps is to make each wrestler into a more fierce competitor. Wrestlers compete in a minimum of eight full-length, refereed matches within a weight-based bracket throughout the duration of camp. Following each match, they receive one-on-one, real-time feedback from some of the nation’s top coaches and collegiate wrestlers. Wrestlers also participate in two daily technique sessions and daily seminars on the four principles of competition: preparation, performance, evaluation, and adjustments. Read more about JROB Competition Camps...

Package a Competition Camp with a Technique Camp for a special "10-Day Combo Camp" price. Option available for Georgia, Wisconsin, and California camps.

Locations in Atlanta, Georgia; River Falls, Wisconsin; and Chico, California.

Technique Camps


Featuring a high-profile slate of national and regional staff at each camp, JROB Technique Camps emphasize technical skill development and strategy. Our curriculum covers everything from basic fundamentals—stance, positioning, takedowns, and escapes—to advanced technique and strategy, including set-ups, finishes, and drilling. We separate wrestlers into small groups determined by age, weight and ability, so each wrestler will receive a level of training that fits his or her skill and experience level. Read more about JROB Technique Camps...

Package a Technique Camp with a Competition Camp for a special "10-Day Combo Camp" price. Option available for Georgia, Wisconsin, and California camps.

Locations in Atlanta, Georgia; Arlington, Texas; River Falls, Wisconsin; Chico, California; and Tacoma, Washington.

J Robinson: Full Circle


J Robinson: Full Circle, a feature length documentary from director Ryan Leer, traces the life of wrestling legend J Robinson from childhood through the present, offering unprecedented inside access to one of the most influential personalities in the sport. The film chronicles multiple chapters of Robinson’s life, examining how his experiences led to the creation and development of the camps known as the most challenging athletic camps in the country, JROB Intensive Wrestling Camps.

How long is the final run of camp?

On the last day of our Intensive Camps, wrestlers complete a timed 9, 12, or 15 mile run. The distance that you choose, as well as your time, is the final activity of camp that can earn you points towards the I DID IT shirt. Going into the final run, you will not know the time that you need to finish in in order to receive the shirt. In general, choosing a longer distance will help you earn more points than choosing a shorter distance. We have trainers and water stations positioned throughout the course in order to ensure the safety of all participants.

Iowa - Choose between a 9 or 12 mile run.
Pennsylvania - Choose between a 9 or 12 mile run.
Wisconsin - Choose between a 9, 12, or 15 mile run.
Oregon - Choose between a 9 or 12 mile run.

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