Jeremy Schoenherr

Welcome to the J Robinson Intensive Camps Black Hat Award Interview Series! This season, between November and March, we will be hosting short Google Hangout interviews with each of our 16 Black Hat Winners from this past summer. Our winners hail from Wisconsin, California, Pennsylvania, Alaska, and many states in between. Our first interview will be with Stratford, Wisconsin sophomore wrestler and Iowa 10-Day Intensive Camp Black Hat Award winner Jeremy Schoenherr. We also have each Black Hat Winner fill out a Q&A, which can be found beneath the video. Congratulations to Jeremy, and best of luck to him this season!

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What was your favorite part of camp and why did you choose to come here?

The Navy SEAL Trident Challenge. I chose to come here because I wanted to push myself, and this camp has a great reputation of pushing wrestlers to the max.

Who is a role model that you look up to and why?

My role model is David Taylor because he is a great wrestler, a hard worker, and an all-around cool guy.

What/who is your inspiration to wrestle and why?

My dad and my grandpa inspire me to push myself and wrestle. They're both wrestlers, and love to be around the sport as much as I do.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at camp?

The most valuable thing I learned at camp is that to get better, you must get uncomfortable and do what you need to do, not what you want to do.

What's the most important quality that a successful wrestler must have?

A hardworking attitude is the most important quality a wrestler must have.

To improve as a person I need to…

Be more open and understanding to the younger kids who look up to me.

What was the hardest thing about camp?

The night and morning runs when you are sore and really don’t want to do any physical activity.

What advice would you give to a future camper?

Prepare for camp. Wrestle intense workouts, lift weights, run distance and sprints.

What makes wrestling different from other sports/activities you participate in?

I can’t depend on anyone but myself. What I put into wrestling is what I get out of it.

Who was your favorite coach at camp and why?

Darius Wright. I have known him before camp, and he is really funny and great to hang out with.

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