MYAS and J Robinson Wrestling Camps

This summer, J Robinson Camps will provide MYAS members with an opportunity to be trained by the best wrestling camp system in the country at a discount! J Robinson Technique, Competition and Intensive Camps can provide a phenomenal advantage as your wrestler takes their career to the next level. Please read more about our camps below. This year, we will be offering the following discounts to MYAS members:

*MYAS members must register for camp by May 15 to qualify for these discounts. Enter the relevant discount code at the payment screen in our registration system.

  • $20 discount for wrestlers in grades 3 - 6 who attend the Minnesota Technique Camp (Discount Code MYAS20T)
  • $20 discount for wrestlers in grades 7 - 8 who attend the Minnesota Competition Camp (Discount Code MYAS20C)
  • $50 discount for wrestlers in grades 7 - 8 who attend the Minnesota Combo Camp (both Technique and Competition) (Discount Code MYAS50)
  • $65 discount for wrestlers in grade 8 (must be entering high school in fall of 2016) who attend the Iowa Intensive Camp (Discount Code MYAS65)
  • $125 discount for wrestlers in grade 8 (must be entering high school in fall of 2016 and must have a high experience level) who attend the Minnesota Intensive Camp (Discount Code MYAS125)
Our Technique Camps are open to ages 8 - 18. They are the best choice for wrestlers in grades 3 - 6, or older wrestlers that would like to learn new technique. J Robinson Technique Camps focus on wrestling fundamentals and basic strategy, and we also provide daily non-wrestling competitions like soccer, frisbee, relay races, and more. These camps are staffed by experienced wrestling technicians who supervise the kids throughout the day. 

Our Competition Camps are open to ages 12 - 18. We recommend these camps for more experienced wrestlers 7th grade and up who want to improve their ability to compete. The Competition Camp provides a minimum of 8 full-length, refereed matches in a bracket format, post-match one-on-one feedback with a counselor, along with two daily technique sessions, daily non-wrestling competitions, and lessons on J Robinson's 4 principles of competition: preparation, performance, evaluation, and adjustments. 

Our Intensive Camps are open to ages 14 - 18, with experienced 13 year-olds considered on a case-by-case basis. These camps are known as the most challenging wrestling camps in the country. We focus on a comprehensive approach to wrestling training, including developing technical skill, physical conditioning, mental toughness, and life skills. In order to attend an Intensive Camp, your wrestler must wrestle at a high level for their age, and have experience being away from home. If you have a 13 year-old that would like to come to an Intensive Camp, we will need to pre-approve them for registration. Please call us at 612-349-6585 to discuss.

To redeem your discount, email us at or call us at 612-349-6585 and let us know that you registered for camp.

Thank you, and we look forward to having many MYAS wrestlers at our camps this summer!

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