I DID IT Video Submissions

We're working on a new commercial that will air on the Big Ten Network during this season's wrestling coverage, and we want you to be in it! Read more below for additional requirements and submission instructions.

Here's the deal. Take a video on your cell phone of you saying "I DID IT" plus the year you went to camp. So, if you went to camp in 2015, you would say "I DID IT 2015".

We would also like to get some groups involved (e.g. father/son who have both went to camp, brothers, teams). If you submit a video with two or more people, say "WE DID IT" plus the year you went to camp. If you went to camp in different years (e.g. father/son, siblings), say "WE DID IT" together and then take turns saying the year you each went. For example, if a father went to camp in 1986 and a son went in 2014, it would go like this:

Both: WE DID IT!
Father: 1986
Son: 2014

Here are the requirements for the video. Make sure to follow them or your video will not be considered for inclusion.

  1. The video must be taken on a cell phone held horizontally
  2. The video must be taken by someone else (no selfie videos!)
  3. Your I DID IT shirt must be clearly visible in the video (either worn or held so we can read the words on the shirt)
  4. The video must be stable (no shakiness)
  5. Make sure there's plenty of light in the video (no dark rooms or nighttime videos)
  6. Your video must be submitted by December 30
Submission Instructions

Take your video anywhere you like! It can be at your house, in a wrestling room, at the gym, or wherever else you can think of that would be interesting (be creative!).

Then, upload your video from your phone directly to our Dropbox folder. Click here to access the folder.

If the above link doesn't work for you, go to the following URL:


Thank you, and we look forward to seeing your videos!

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