2021 Cancellation Statement


Dear JROB Athletes, Parents, and Coaches,
Thank you for your patience as we worked to determine the best course of action for summer 2021. We truly appreciate your support and understanding during this challenging time for our family and our company.
When I started the first Intensive Camp in Iowa in 1978, there was no way I could have dreamt that it would grow into 13 camps across the country and span 5 decades.  My late best friend John Marks and I thought we had the ability to build a wrestling training camp based on what I learned in Army Ranger School but we really didn’t know if it would catch on.  Now, some 55,000 JROB campers later, here we are.
2020 was a year like no one could have predicted.  The effects of the pandemic changed the world and we were no different than thousands of other small businesses who had to close up. 

The difference with the camps is that one summer pays for the next 9 months of our full-time staff salaries, marketing, and business overhead.  Losing the 2020 camp season, including unrecoverable costs we incurred in planning those camps, was devastating to our business and unfortunately we now find ourselves in a position where we cannot move forward this summer.
It has been a painful but well thought-out decision between my co-owner/wife Sue Rubens and myself to pause camps for the 2021 season.  We simply do not have the financial resources to rehire staff and cover the operating costs required to run camps to our level of excellence.
Neither of us are willing to give up and more often than not, we have plowed through life going after accomplishments with a laser focus that goes through, over, or around any hurdles that have come our way.  But there does come a time when all of the challenges have to be viewed realistically given the substantial financial debt and continued uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.
If you have credit due, you will soon receive an email with instructions on how to get your refund. We anticipate issuing checks within 30 days of receiving the required documentation. Please excuse delays in receiving a response to any emails.
It is our intention to regroup over the next few months and actively seek a financing partner who can help us continue the mission and philosophy of JROB Camps.   
We wish your wrestler the best of luck this summer into next season.

J Robinson
Founder and Co-Owner
JROB Wrestling Camps

Sue Rubens
JROB Wrestling Camps

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