What's Your Excuse?

This fall, we asked 100 past Intensive Campers what their teammates' #1 excuse was for not coming to camp . Their responses are below. 

It's too hard (30%):
Accomplishing your goals is never easy, but nothing worth having ever is. Yes, our camps are difficult, but we train our staff to teach and support campers with constructive feedback and a positive attitude. Each summer, hundreds of wrestlers arrive at camp thinking they won’t make it through. 10, 14, or 28 days later, they leave with a new perspective on hard work, increased confidence in themselves, and an I DID IT shirt.
It's only for the top wrestlers (24%):
Wrestlers with a wide variety of experience and skill attend our Intensive Camps. Many campers go on to win state titles and state medals, but far more go on to qualify for state, advance further in the post-season, or simply improve on their record from the previous year. Whatever your skill level, you will find partners to train with and compete against at our camps.
It's too expensive (18%): 
Time is the most critical component in learning and internalizing productive habits. That’s why our Intensive Camps are longer than any other camps in the country. Although our camps are more expensive, the per day fee is comparable to other camps. We offer many discount options to help offset the cost of camp, fundraising suggestions, and a community service discount.
I don't want to miss my summer (11%):
If not now, when? Summer is the time when average wrestlers become good and good wrestlers become great. Success is not something you possess, it’s something you develop. And it cannot be developed without a full commitment to excellence. You choose the price you’re willing to pay to accomplish your goals. 10, 14, or 28 days away from your family and friends is a small price to pay.
There's too much running (7%):
Running has more to do with your mind than it does with your legs. It teaches resilience, focus, and an ability to overcome pain and exhaustion. Sound like that would come in handy during a wrestling match? We thought so too. Yes, there is running at our camp, but you will enter the wrestling season in better shape than any opponent you will face.
I'm already good enough (6%):
If you didn’t need to change, you would already have what you desire. Even the best wrestlers have room for improvement. If your technique is already flawless, our camps are known for teaching mental toughness, life skills, and an ability to overcome adversity, something that no other camp focuses on.
It's too far away (4%): 
One of the greatest benefits of attending a JROB Intensive Camp is the opportunity to train with wrestlers from across the country with different backgrounds, skills, and styles. In 2019, wrestlers from 48 U.S. states and territories, as well as six countries around the globe came to our Intensive Camps. We provide unaccompanied minor pick-up/drop-off service at each airport as well.

What was your excuse for not coming to camp last summer? Will you use the same one this year, or will you decide that the hard work is worth the reward?

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