Intensive Camps Videos

Although you won't understand the hard work and intensity of a JROB Intensive Camp until you experience it firsthand, these videos will help you to mentally prepare for camp by showing you some of the activities and drills you'll be doing during the three daily wrestling and conditioning sessions.The fourth daily session is reserved for running, cross-training and weight training.

The videos below are a selection of videos from all of our Intensive Camps. To view additional videos from the Intensive Camp you would like to attend, visit the video pages for the Iowa 10-Day, Pennsylvania 14-Day, Wisconsin 28-Day, or West Coast 14-Day.

Facebook Livestream Complete Final Red Flag Practice

Group 1 Bear Crawl Carries

Shark Bait Drill

Hard Practice 360° Tour

Back To One Pushups + Running Carries

Hard Practice Drilling 1

End of Hard Practice Conditioning

Joe Nord Strategy Talk + Hard Practice

I DID IT Celebration

Hard Practice Walkthrough

Celebration Run + Back To One Pushups

Brett Pfarr Technique Session

Final Run Footage from Car

Ring of Fire Drill

Jon-O Run

Groups 2 & 4 Hard Practice Bird's Eye View (1)

Hard Practice 2

Groups 3 & 4 Mat Drags

Claw Run

Centipede Drill

Groups 3 & 4 Buddy Carries

Group 2 Medium Drilling

Michael Kroells Technique Session

Groups 3 & 4 Hard Practice + Conditioning

Wheelbarrow Drill

Buddy Carries + Hard Practice

Final Celebration + I DID IT Chant

Group 1 Live Wrestling

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