28-Day Intensive Camp (Wisconsin)

University of Wisconsin - River Falls
River Falls, Wisconsin
June 27-July 24, 2020
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28-Day Intensive Camp Highlight Video and Workout Details

  • Morning Cross-Training

    Campers wake up early in the morning for a cross-training session...Read more

    Campers wake up early in the morning for a cross-training session. We use early wake-ups to help the campers develop discipline, which we define as "doing what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it"’ On any given day, campers can expect to take part in a workout that may include long distance runs, sprints, circuit lifts, or other cross-training exercises.

  • Technique Practice

    Wrestlers participate in a daily practice session designed to improve technical skill...Read more

    Wrestlers participate in a daily practice session designed to improve their technical skill. During these technique practices, campers are put into their wrestling groups based on their weight. Our staff teaches moves ranging from basic fundamentals to advanced techniques. We cover a variety of situations in the bottom, top, and neutral positions. Each camper will have an opportunity to learn techniques from our entire staff at various points throughout the camp. With our camper to staff ratio of 10:1, campers will have access to one-on-one attention with our coaching staff.

  • Hard Practice

    Hard practices are designed to push wrestlers to their physical and mental limits...Read more

    Hard practices are designed to push wrestlers to their physical and mental limits. These practices include live wrestling, hard drilling, and conditioning exercises. Campers will have multiple practice partners within their wrestling group so they can wrestle against different styles and levels of competition. During hard practice, campers are being evaluated by our coaches for the amount of effort and intensity they are putting into their wrestling training. Hard practices provide the campers a great opportunity to use new techniques in live situations, build mental toughness, and develop endurance.

  • Evening Technique Review/Cross-Training

    The workout during the evening session changes daily...Read more

    The workout during the evening session changes daily. During this session, the campers are split into running groups. Each group will take part in a different cross-training workout that may include running, sprinting, and lifting weights. During the cross-training portion of the workout, campers are evaluated on their effort. Reviewing moves from the day’s technique practice is also a large part of this session. It is important to review the new techniques and give campers the opportunity to continually progress their skills. This practice is another great chance for campers to ask questions and work with our coaching staff one-on-one.

Camp Details

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  • Round-Trip Shuttle Fee:
    $40 by 3 p.m. | $80 after 3 p.m.
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  • The Ultimate Challenge: JROB 28-Day Intensive Camp

    Our signature camp since 1978, the JROB 28-Day Intensive Camp has set the standard for high-intensity wrestling training for more than 40 years. A full season’s worth of wrestling captured in 28 days, camp includes approximately 75 wrestling practices and 25 cross-training sessions. This sustained length and intensity allows campers to gain first-hand experience into what hard work really looks and feels like, and helps them prove to themselves that their physical and mental limits are much higher than what they imagined. No other wrestling camp in the country immerses wrestlers in their training, without distractions, for 28 days.

    For young wrestlers, the 28-Day Intensive Camp is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accelerate their athletic and personal growth. Because camp is four weeks long, athletes have the time to learn, drill, and internalize the techniques we teach until they become second nature on the mat. The time frame also gives wrestlers extended exposure to the work ethic and self-discipline that infuses every aspect of camp.

    Through overcoming physical and mental challenges every day, camp teaches wrestlers that following through with commitments leads to real results. Each season, we hear from coaches who tell us that their wrestler returned from the 28-Day Intensive Camp with a new mindset of leadership, dedication, confidence, and resilience, both on and off the mat.

    Though all four of our Intensive Camps operate with the same training model, there is simply no substitute for the investment of time and effort in pursuit of a goal. That’s why the 28-Day Intensive Camp stands above the rest. Whether your wrestler is relatively inexperienced or has already reached the state tournament podium, camp will help them unlock their full potential.

    Exclusively at the 28-Day Intensive Camp, we offer a college recruiting seminar that allows campers to learn directly from NCAA DI, DII, DIII, and NAIA coaches on and off the mat. During this seminar, campers are introduced to the process of college recruiting and are provided with the opportunity to begin relationships with collegiate coaches from across the nation.
  • Featured Guest Speakers

    Rohan Murphy
    Rohan MurphyWe are thrilled to host Rohan Murphy each summer as a featured guest speaker at the 28-Day Intensive Camp. Rohan lost his legs soon after birth and went on to become a star wrestler in high school and for Penn State University. He is also an I DID IT shirt-earning graduate of the 1999 and 2000 JROB 28-Day Intensive Camps. Rohan is now a full-time motivational speaker. For the wrestlers, listening to Rohan share his story of resilience and overcoming obstacles is one of the most powerful moments of camp.

    Learn more about Rohan and book him for speaking engagements on his website at rohanmurphy.com.
    Scott Savor
    Scott SavorScott Savor is a professional speaker and coach for athletes, teams, and companies focusing on leadership, motivation, and mental attitude. His uplifting, high-energy approach to speaking inspires young athletes to pursue continuous improvement and purpose in their athletic and academic lives. 

    Learn more about Scott and his business, Uncommon Competitor, at scottsavor.com.

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