JROB Intensive Camps offers a variety of discounts to help offset the cost of camp. Visit our Discounts page for the complete list. This fundraising page is devoted to providing ideas to potential campers and their families on raising money for camp, as well as information on the Community Service Award.

We recommend the following strategies to fundraise for camp:


Please click the button below to download the 2020 and print out as many copies as you will need. If your family does not have a printer at home, office supply stores and copy shops (e.g. Office Max, Staples, FedEx Kinkos) are an inexpensive way to make bulk copies. If that is not possible, JROB Wrestling Camps will send you up to 10 copies of the packet free of charge. The packet contains information on our Intensive Camps that would be relevant to a potential business, family member, or friend that is considering donating to your camp fund.


Suggestions for making the most of the Fundraising Packet:

  • Bring the packet to local businesses and send/email it to family and friends. Explain what the packet is, and tell them to keep it once you leave. Make sure to fill out the "My Information" section on page 3 of the packet so they can contact you if they decide to donate. 
    • Tip: We recommend that you hand-write the "My Information" and "3 goals camp will help me achieve" sections. If you will be emailing the packet to potential donors, you will need to scan the document in order to save the hand-written portions you have filled in.
  • Although the "3 goals" section is designed to make the donation request more personal, we also recommend that you type a longer letter explaining why you want to go to camp and how a donation would help you to achieve your goals. Attach this letter to the packet when you leave it with a business, or email it as a separate attachment to family and friends.
  • Ask your parents, teachers, and coaches if they have any ideas on where to bring the packet or who to show it to. They may know local business owners or have friends who would be interested in donating.


Parents: One method we have found that makes your wrestler invested in this financial commitment is offering a dollar-for-dollar match. For every $1 that your wrestler raises on their own, you match with an additional $1. This is a great way for your wrestler to value the work that goes into financing camp, and to learn to take an active role in pursuing his or her goals.


GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to create a unique fundraising campaign. We have had numerous athletes run successful campaigns to either completely or partially pay for camp. We recommend that you write a personal note on your GoFundMe page about your history in wrestling, what J Robinson Intensive Camps are all about, as well as why you want to go. Please click on the following links for examples:

Once you create your campaign, share it with your family and friends through word-of-mouth, email, and social media.

Community Service Award

Click here to learn more about our Community Service Award program to save $300 on any Intensive Camp.

Krebsbach Foundation Grant

Please consider submitting a grant application to the Krebsbach Foundation, a charitable foundation that offers scholarships for participation in athletic camps. Learn more about the Krebsbach Foundation at and submit a grant application at

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