Being trusted is a great responsibility, so safety is the #1 priority at all J Robinson Wrestling Camps. There is nothing more important than the health and well-being of your children, and we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard. If you have any questions about our safety and/or medical policies and procedures that are not answered below, please call at us 612-349-6585 and we will be happy to discuss them with you.


A minimum of two Certified Athletic Trainers are at all Intensive Camps.
Certified Athletic Trainers have a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree, have graduated from an accredited athletic training program, and have passed a national board exam in order to practice.

In addition to the Certified Athletic Trainers, Athletic Training Students will aid the Certified Athletic Trainers.
Athletic Training Students are currently enrolled in an accredited athletic training program and working towards their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and will be eligible to sit for the board exam after graduation.

Skin Checks

Skin Checks are done, at minimum, every other day to catch signs of infection early. If infection is suspected, athletes will be promptly transported to see a doctor.  Skin care is VERY IMPORTANT at all of our camps.

Certified Athletic Trainers have had experience with high school and/or college wrestling teams prior to the start of camps and are able to identify skin infections associated with wrestling.

Additionally, we require intensive campers to begin a Valtrex prescription leading up to and during camp. CLICK HERE to see a PDF of the clinical study that shows the preventative benefits of this Valtrex regimen. Campers that refuse the Valtrex recommendation will be required to have their parents or legal guardian sign a waiver indicating liability release to JRIC.


Weigh-Ins & Hydration

Wrestlers are weighed in every other day to ensure they maintain healthy hydration habits. This is NOT a camp for losing weight or cutting weight.  Campers should report at their normal healthy weight. Campers will be issued a water bottle at check-in and are required to have their water bottle with them at all wrestling sessions. 



Background checks are done on all staff. All staff members must be CPR certified as well as attend a two-day training program prior to working at camp. The staff to camper ratio is 10:1. 


Campers’ Whereabouts

Campers are required to check in and check out of all four sessions, every day. If a wrestler isn’t at check-in, staff will go and find the wrestler before the session begins. Campers are NOT ALLOWED to ride in any vehicle while they are at camp. This includes getting into a vehicle with a parent or guardian. 



Campers will stay in college dormitories during their time at camp. Staff stays on every floor of the dorms where campers will reside. There are nightly bed checks to ensure that campers are where they are supposed to be



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