2020 Cancellation Statement

EFFECTIVE APRIL 28, 2020: JROB Intensive Camps has canceled all 2020 summer wrestling camps due to concerns over COVID-19. We will resume all camps in 2021. Though this was a highly emotional decision for us, we strongly believe this course of action is in the best interest of our campers, their families, and our staff. The health and safety of our campers is paramount and takes precedence over all else. That has been true since our company’s founding in 1978 and it will never change. Though government officials in many locales have not yet explicitly banned large-scale gatherings through the summer, we are proactively canceling camps because we do not believe we, nor any other camp, can create a safe environment for wrestlers in the midst of the pandemic.

We have been exploring alternative on-site options since the outbreak began in the United States, but none came close to viability due to the inherent close-contact nature of the sport of wrestling. Therefore, the only option that unconditionally ensures the health and safety of our campers is the cancellation of all on-site camps. For a detailed list of the reasons why we have made this decision, please visit this webpage.

Logo JROBSince 1978, JROB Intensive Camps has been at the forefront of wrestling training, so with everything around us changing, we must change too. That’s why we’re launching JROB+, an innovative, multi-dimensional virtual program hosted through the popular goal-setting and accountability app Goalify. For wrestlers, this program offers a daily structured training plan incorporating the key life-changing tenets of the JROB Intensive Camps philosophy: physical preparation, mental toughness, and life skills. And for parents like you, we know that just getting through each day under these circumstances is a challenge, so JROB+ offers a simple, affordable tool that allows your child to purposefully structure their own days without your help.

We are deeply saddened to cancel 2020 camps. We will miss being around the hundreds of wrestlers every day while helping give them the tools to pursue their goals. This will be the first time in 43 years that our camps have not operated throughout the summer, but we will return even stronger in 2021! We look forward to seeing you all then and to working with many of you this summer through the JROB+ virtual training program. In the meantime, please stay strong and safe!

Please reach out to us at contact@jrobinsoncamps.com if you have any questions. Please excuse any delay in response time due to the high volume of incoming inquiries.

Be well,

Garret Garness
Managing Director
JROB Intensive Wrestling Camps

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