Technique, Strength, Endurance, Mental Toughness

Over 38 years, J Robinson Intensive Camps has trained more than 35,000 wrestlers with a comprehensive training approach that combines technical skill development, strategy, physical preparation, and mental toughness. Our goal is to train and build tough, gritty wrestlers that will be both physically and mentally prepared to win. Our core principles, the J7—Discipline, Dedication, Sacrifice, Hard Work, Responsibility, Accountability, and Service—guide our teaching philosophy, and thousands of coaches over the years have seen the immediate and long-term benefits in their athletes returning from camp. We are commited to training wrestlers in a way that no other program can by improving performance and giving the athletes a new appreciation for what hard work really means.

In 2016, 124 former J Robinson campers became State Champions and another 370 became State Placewinners. Since 2010, 5 of our graduates have won NCAA Division I National Championships. J's history as a United States Olympian and Army Ranger inspired the rigorous, intense training regimen that will push your wrestlers to their physical and mental limits, and teach them how to perform once they hit the wall. They will leave the wrestling camp tougher, stronger, more disciplined, and more determined than ever to win.

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